Rahul Kahani

Chasing curiosity currently | Building and creating some cool thing | Intensity is the strategy. I have a weirdly interesting background in fashion design/management, sales/marketing, logistics, entrepreneurship, and web-dev/UX design. Now, researching & building things to figure out what my next projects should be. I have produced and hosted fashion shows and after-parties in the past; venue set-up, models and designer management, and generally making sure everyone is having a good time at the after-party. Volunteered at tech conferences as a content writer, speaker liaison and registration/entrance liaison. Not sure if this counts as a hosting strength... As co-best man at my cousin's wedding, I sang, I Want It That Way by BSB... in a room full of 500 guests. Getting involved with communities by hosting great events in Toronto, Canada would be a pleasure of mine. I'll start working on venue choices and read 2-Hour Cocktail Party by Nick Gray book to brush off the hosting rust (if any).
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